Sunday, March 8, 2009

End Of The Line

I am nearing the end of the road...the end of my rope...running out of Blogger space. How do I know this? To demonstrate this to you, I tried to save a screen print but couldn't convert it to an image that Blogger will accept.

I will attempt to walk you through it verbally (or in writing). When you are in the Create A Post screen, click on the Add Image icon from the toolbar. In the Add Image screen, look close to the bottom. There are two action buttons: 1) blue CANCEL and 2) orange UPLOAD IMAGE. Directly to the right of these buttons is a message saying how much capacity you have remaining. Mine is... You are currently using 970MB (94%) of your 1024MB.

After extensive research in the not-so-friendly-blogger-help and online user forums, I have very little options. Blogger allows you to create as many blogs as your little heart desires. Therefore, I could create another Blogger blog and link the two. Or, I could ditch Blogger and opt for another blog hosting platform such as Wordpress. I'm leaning toward the latter. Like Blogger, Wordpress is free . Unlike Blogger, Workdpress allows you to increase your blog size incrementally (for a modest annual fee) should you find yourself running out of space. {sigh}

I'm still debating my future blog options. But one thing is clear...I am running out of space FAST. Does anyone have any suggestions? HELP!


Spruce Hill said...

Typepad! you will ahve none of that over there! That is what I use. Started off with the free one and now pay, but ony $4.00 a month. Really worth it!

Chere said...

I may have run out of space or close to the end and not realized it. I have not been able to up load things to my side bar for a while. Jamie has made the move and we may need to. I wonder where Deb stands. Thanks for doing the research. I also like that others are sending in their suggestions.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Being fairly new to blogging and fairly new to computing I don't really understand this. Is it naive of me to suggest that you might be able to delete some of your ealy blogs in order to give yourself more space?

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Eek! I am a blog pack rat. I cannot {gulp} delete early posts or images from my Blogger blog. I enjoy looking back to when I began my blog almost two years ago and at photos of how much our grandchildren have grown.

Thanks, Sarah - I will look into typepad. I have done a lot of research about wordpress but even this platform has its limitations. For example, wordpress does not allow adding widgets unless they are created by wordpress. It's for security reasons so I guess they have their reasons. At this point I think I have no option but to "press" on (har-har).

Mental P Mama said...

There are folks who have been on blogger for ages...wonder how they do it?

Country Girl said...

I just checked mine, thinking that I would be at a high percentage because I post a lot of pictures and have been blogging since December 2007. I'm at 15%.
Maybe I'm naive, too, but I think it's your slideshows. Don't you?
Would it be easier to begin another and link them, still using Blogger?
I use lots of pictures but I use the ones I srhink to 640 pixels wide, so they're not too big.

Janette said...

I'm sorry to hear you are out of space. That is from all your yummy photos! I think you need to start a flickr account to help you out with extra photos! =)

Other then that I have no idea what is better. I do like blogger b/c it's free.

Judyann said...

What does Pioneer Woman do? She has tons of photos, recipes, etc. Maybe you could enlist her help? Did you try Googling this topic to see what others say? It's a lot of work, but that's where I would start.

Spruce Hill said...

Wordpress is a nightmare!

scrappysue said...

oh dear! i'm coming over to the next place right now!

Anonymous said...

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