Sunday, November 9, 2008

Surviving Ayden

Ayden's sleepover with us began earlier than expected. His little brother was sick and Jamie was concerned about exposing Ayden to Jameson's stomach virus. After scooping up Ayden, we went to lunch before our movie date to see Madagascar 2. We had a little time to kill before the movie and I had the bright idea to peruse Toys R Us for a game to play later that evening. Ayden was on sensory overload - he dashed through the store like a junkie on crack. We didn't make it past the aisle of battery operated vehicles as Ayden came to an abrupt halt in front of the Polaris Ranger Rzr. I guess it was only inevitable that it go home with us. Ayden was wired throughout the movie. Sitting still was a monumental feat as visions of riding his new "Jeep" was a higher priority than watching the cute characters of Madagascar. We barely made it into the driveway before Ayden and Bumpa had the box ripped open and parts strewn all over the garage. The testosterone was flowing abundantly, but I stood my ground. I was given decal duty. Humpf!

We worked well past dark to finish assembly of Ayden's Jeep

I put the decals in place and all was finished in time for Ayden's bath. His first words upon waking at 6:00 a.m. were, "Is my Jeep done charging?"

After a quick breakfast with the Payne's, it was time for Ayden to take his Jeep for an inaugural drive on the cart path. Jamie and I sat in the back seat of the golf cart so we could take a thousand or two photos (hence the reason for out of focus shots).

Ayden was focused on keeping his eyes on the road. Ayden? Ayyyyyyden!

Ayden is fidgeting with the radio. Yes, it comes with an AM tuner. Jeez! I wish there were toys like this when I was his age. Ayden, keep your eyes on the path ahead of you!

Ayden, stay focused! Notice where he's NOT looking.

Oh least they had fun!

Crossing the bridge was challenging, but he did it! Jameson looks doubtful.

I think it's safe to say they had a ball driving their new Jeep! Don't you wish you could be a kid again?


Chere said...

Now all he needs is a cell phone. Who's name is that beast in? How cute can you get. Little brothers are so trusting. Plese tell Jameson not to jump out. Yes, I would have loved that thing. I was the proud owner of a Honda 50 Step Through for my 7th birthday. My brother was 6. We had to lean it against a tree to get it going. It was an automatic with 3 gears. It was great.

Deb said...

Look at the look on Jamison's face! I think the word is priceless. And yes, let us all be thankful that Ayden now has glasses and can see better for the sake of his little brother.
Yep, this is worthy of the "Priceless" commercials!
I thought of you yesterday and wondered how the movie went. I guess there is always next weekend!!! What great grandparents you are!!!

Country Girl said...

We had a neighbor child who had something similar and it was all my son, Shaun, wanted. But we were so poor back then. He did get to ride the other little boys car, however, and his smile was just like Ayden's here! Nice memories, too.

Yes, I wish I could be a kid again. I'd want to come back as your grandkid, though!!!

Mental P Mama said...

Too cute. Hope the bug stays away from you!

dsr524 said...

What would a grandchild do without grandparents to buy the monumental toys that parents can't afford? My boys also had a "car" that their grandparents bought although it didn't come brand new from a dealer like Toys R Us - it came from the "used car" section of a yard sale - however a car is a car to boys at any age! Pete better watch out, because my boys graduated from "their" car to my parents golf cart!

Sarah S. said...

Oh my goodness they look like happy boys. Love love the pictures and their little happy faces!

Janette said...

Oh what a hoot. They look like they are having a blast. Yeah just look at their faces. =)