Sunday, August 12, 2007

210 Annelise Park Drive

Yes, we're moving...but when? We put our home at 125 Gray Fox Point on the market mid-May and closed on our new home June 25. So that we may enjoy the summer pool season, we decided to stay put. That also gives us time to get our new home move-in ready (i.e., paint, wallpaper, window treatments, landscaping, etc.). Where are moving to? We didn't have to look far -- about 1 mile, to be precise. The developer of our exisiting community, Ashley Forest, started Annelise Park ( as a new development. Deb volunteers as Secretary on the homeowners association for both communities, so we were very knoweldgeable about the new development and its home sale progress. We actually thought about buying a home lot late in 2006. But our new home was a deal we couldn't pass up. Okay, we could. What were we thinking?

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rectorp said...

........actually, the reason we bought this is a lot like buying a new car when the ash tray is full. As some of you may know, Deb is an AVID (12 step program has been recommended) Scrapbooker.She has outgrown her current hobby room and this purchase was simply an illogical extension of her need to expand her scrapbooking empire. While several less radical solutions exist, the combination of our friendship with the subdivision developer and my desire to still have a receptive homelife combined to establish a moment of weakness that coincided with the appearance of a home purchase contract. While the conditions surrounding this adventure precluded me doing ANY work, I know find myself hooked into several site preparation activities. Owning two houses was not in my life plan.