Tuesday, August 28, 2007


What a difference a days makes! Monday was a day of progress. The pool wall is nearly finished; the waterfall is beginning to take shape; furniture was delivered; tile is laid in the screen porch; and cabinets are installed in Deb's hobby room. The weekend was also busy. Bob Stevens worked in the heat to drywall Pete's work room and utility garage before working his way to the cool indoors. There is now a wall separating the media room to enlarge Deb's hobby room. Double doors are on order that will separate Pete's work room from the utility garage, and French doors will soon be installed in Deb's hobby room. Slowly, Pete and Deb moved a few pieces of furniture and most of the "memory wall". We decided... we're ready to take the plunge and MOVE! September 20-21 marks the mass exodus from Ashley Forest to Annelise Park. One door closes and another door opens...

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