Saturday, March 1, 2008

Grown Up Toys For Big Girls

You may have read in an earlier post that we (Jamie, Judy, Chere and I) are taking photography classes in Connecticut this coming fall. And, you may have read Jamie's blog where she talks about her dream job -- professional photographer. Jamie's photographic skills behind the camera have grown greatly over the past couple years. I believe scrapping has had a lot to do with it. She has a keen eye for photographing people, particularly her children. You can't love scrapping as a hobby without loving photography. The two go naturally together.

I struggled with Jamie's birthday gift this year. Not that there aren't dozens of gifts she would love or need, but I wanted to choose something that was uniquely Jamie. Only one gift would do. I am deeply disappointed that her gift didn't arrive in time for her birthday, tomorrow. It shipped Friday and will arrive in 4-6 days. It wouldn't be a birthday celebration without presents. So here's a sneak peek of your gift, Jamie. [Here's where I modified this post on the morning of your birthday. In case you want to wait for your gift to arrive, here's your chance. You can try guessing the clue below or click here to see your gift. The choice is yours] Happy birthday with all our love...

1 comment:

Doughboy said...

I personally think this is way too obvious of a hint. It puts the odds around 50-50 she'll figure it out.
May be not. You'll have to show her how to load the film fer sure.