Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tropical Outpost

Today is Day #3 of the amazing transformation from blank walls to a work of art. Mike's talent was showcased in our previous house too. His artisit expression began in the "garden room" by painting birdhouses, butterflies, and various colorful garden creatures. Following that, he painted an ocean scene in our bedroom, then Margaritaville beach scenes in our poolhouse. Do you see a common theme here? Obviously Pete and I have a love of sailing, beaches, and everything water. Below are a few more photos of the work in progress... click here for a slideshow.

[Above] The boat name (shown in small print at the port stern -- for you landlubbers, the back left corner), is Bristol Creme. This was the name of our sailboat that we bought in Wisconsin and sailed on Lake Michigan.
[Above] Petit St. Vincent in the Tobago Keys of The Grenadines -- a small island Pete and I sailed past on our way from St. Lucia to Grenada

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DoughBoy said...

Awesome! I'm ready for a swim or two...who's the old fat guy on the boat?