Saturday, April 12, 2008

Back To Nature

Unless you're new to this blog, you know I am passionate about photography. In particular, I am obsessed with perfecting my photographic skills. This takes practice, practice and more practice. My photo buddy Darlene and I agree that a photo we took a year ago would be pleasingly acceptable. However, by today's standards, we may find that same photo lacking in composition, clarity, quality or something equally unacceptable and reject it altogether. Yikes! I am becoming a... photographic snob! You be the judge. Your critique is welcome and appreciated. Please view my new nature set and give me your unbiased opinion. You may even leave a comment anonymously if you view your critique as less than complimentary. No matter the comments, I will accept them graciously. After all, I can't improve without a few bumps along the way. Thank you!

Note: Flickr slideshows may skip photos as it tries to load large files. Click your mouse on refresh to ensure that all photos are loaded. And, be patient. It may take a few tries. All photos in Nature #2 set were taken with my Nikon D200 in Program, Shutter or Manual mode using a Macro Nikkor 105mm lens. A few select photos were cropped, sharpened and/or lightened using Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0; however the original composition of the photos are untouched and in their original state SOC - straight out of camera. Meaning, I did not apply any PS enhancements, layers, or filters.


Roxanne Schwandt said...

LOVE THE FLOWERS!! I can't wait for mine here in WI to start sprouting. Your pics are georgous, as well! My favorite shot is the super-close-up of the rose. LOVE that composition of a classic beauty. Wonderful job!!

Chere said...

Love it, Love it Love it. Great photos. Where are you taking your pics? You have a hugh selection of flowers to shoot. Love them.