Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Signs of Spring

I love all seasons, but there is something special about spring. Winter releases its stronghold little by little as days grow longer and temperatures creep higher. One of the first signs of spring is the fuzzy green of budding trees. Other notable signs are green meadows and lawns, flowers, and babies. Our Boston fern has new residents - a mother bird and her four unhatched eggs. I check the nest nearly every day and will post photos of the babies as soon as they hatch. Aren't they cute? When I first discovered the nest, there were only 3 blue eggs. After our Scrap Etc. trip, I checked the nest and found a fourth egg -- the speckled brown one. Hmmmm... it looks strangely out of place from its blue-shelled siblings. The postman perhaps?

P.S. Click here to see photos I took during lunch today. My photography buddy, Darlene, and I visited another old cemetary in Newnan. Practice...practice...and more practice.


Chere said...

Love the beautiful eggs. Wild bird eggs are always the best in color. I can't wait to see the babies. It is fun to watch the eggs and then the babies. Have the boys seen them? They will love it.

Judyann said...

Great photo. So crisp and clear.