Monday, April 21, 2008

Scrap Etc. 2008

5 months of anticipation
4 great friends
3 days away from home
2 stops along the way to Nashville for scrap supplies
1 FABULOUS event!

After months of planning and expectancy, the day came at last when we made our way to Nashville for Scrap Etc. 2008 (click
here for a photo slideshow). Our Ford Expedition was packed nearly to the top with rolling suitcases, camera bags, snacks, and scraparatus. With two off-road diversions for yet more scrap supplies and lunch, we made it to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel with time to spare. Thursday night was the opening ceremony and a sneak peak at our instructors for the next two days. Friday morning came early as we eagerly made our way to the Tennessee Ballroom for a day of scrapping, bonding, and instruction. We shared our excitement with 600 other attendees, all women (go figure! men are scrap wimps). We were on excitement overload as we tore into our scrap kits and whipped out our arsenal of scrap tools and adhesive. It doesn't get better than this! We scrapped from early morning to night, stopping only an hour for lunch and dinner, making calls to home, and shopping at the Scrap Etc. store (3 times!). From the time we handed the car keys to the valet attendant to the day we returned home, we never so much as stepped foot outside. There was no time! Gosh we had fun...

Chere, Judy, Jamie and I eagerly anticipate our next travel event together... Creative Photography Retreat. My life would be so empty without these amazing woman in it. I've written about them in earlier posts, but it bears repeating that these ladies mean the world to me. I can't wait until we travel together again to Connecticut in the fall. In the meantime, I look forward to our Scrap Club get-togethers on the first Sunday of every month. Woo-hoo! Scrap Club is just two weeks away!


Jamie Payne said...

OMG! such beautiful pictures!! here you were so worried that they'd turned out way, you're a pro:) i seriously had so much fun and can't wait until october for the creative photography retreat!!!

Chere said...

Woo Hoo is right. I was great. I had a blast. You are getting to good with that camera. I may name you the photo expert of the group. Can't wait for Scrap Club.

dough*boy said...

I had a great time too ! The furry children and I were able to bond.

Deb...." My life would be so empty without these amazing woman in it. " I'm not sure it would be all that empty...I've seen your closets. But I get the drift. Sometimes when women get together it's easy to forget their husbands. Luckily, we never forget about you. I'd like to think I can help supplement an occasional empty feeling.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

NOTE: Although it may seem that Pete's feelings are hurt, he is only yanking my chain. That's what he does...and he does it soooo well! He knows I adore him too!