Monday, May 5, 2008

Baby Makes 8!

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your children mature into adulthood and having families of their own. Becoming a grandparent is an event many people look forward to with great anticipation in later life. The first snapshot that reaches your anxious hands, the first time holding your grandchild's tiny, sweet-smelling body in your arms. The first time hearing the long awaited words "grandma," or "grandpa" from cherub lips all will make your heart melt with pride, joy, and love.

We are already blessed with six beautiful grandchildren: Petra 7, Soren 5, Ayden 3-1/2, Annike 3, Jameson 2, and Milo 1-1/2. Imagine our excitement upon hearing the news of another grandchild to makes its arrival in December. What could be better? TWO new grandchildren making their debut this year! Kelly and Lars are expecting their 4th child around Thanksgiving; Jamie and Jason are expecting their 3rd little one shortly before Christmas.

All of us want to be remembered when we leave this earth. It is important to us to have lived a life of significance. Most of us do not desire worldwide fame or expect to be remembered hundreds of years from now, but we do want our children and grandchildren to have fond memories of us. Thus, there is an innate desire to leave a legacy with our family. Leaving a legacy -- a gift to our children and grandchildren -- is the result of love and life-changing experiences for future generations to come.


Deb said...

How absolutly wonderful news! I do enjoy reading your blog everyday as it's a way to keep in contact with my friends back home. Where does Pete's family live? I'm taking a guess as it is overseas, but of course, I am just making a blind quess!

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Kelly, Lars and their 3 children transferred to San Diego CA a year ago when Phizer's Michigan facility closed. It is so far away it might just as well be overseas. Pete's son, Chad, his wife Sarah and baby Milo live in Silver Spring MD. Sadly, we don't see them very often. In fact, Milo is 1-1/2 years old and I've never met him yet. We're very, very blessed to have Jamie and her family living less than 10 miles away.