Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Storms & Insects

Today's weather has been a mixed bag. This is typical for Georgia. Right in the middle of Dancing With The Stars finale (go Kristi Yamaguchi!), lightening hit closeby and knocked out power temporarily. I panicked. Whoa...deep cleansing breaths. The power quickly restored itself within seconds and all is well within my little world. It doesn't take much to make me happy. Okay...that's a stretch. Just don't mess with my favorite TV programs, especially during season finale time. Right now it is storming like crazy and the sky is an eerie yellow and black. Rain is coming down so hard I cannot see the back yard. It sure makes me happy to be inside the safety of our cozy home. Fortunately the storms held off until afternoon. Therefore, my photo buddy Darlene and I took our daily noon time stroll around the lake to see if we could spot anything unusual. Here's what we found.

P.S. The final photo was taken from our back deck as the storm was approaching. I tried to catch a photo of lightening but retreated to the comfort of our bedroom. I'd rather be safe than sorry. Besides...if lightening struck and I fried, who would feed my fur babies the the morning?


Doughboy said...

Cool !
Where's the strom pictures?

I'm sitting on a plane in Orlando tapping into Wi-Fi....at least show me why we're delayed two hours !

Doughboy said...

I meant storm pictures. I know where the strom pictures are.

Chere said...

Love the pics. You have a great place at work to walk around and take pictures. The storm was loud and bad here. Dixie is scared of thunder. Poor little baby. She has been next to me all night.

Roxanne Schwandt said...

How in the world do you spot those tiny creatures among the flowers? You must have bug-vision. They are amazing - love them! They look like something right out of a national geographic book or a science class text book.

Deb said...

What an awful time of the day for storms to hit! I sat on pins and needles as I watched the storms blow by Atlanta. Good ole Glen Burns lives for weather events! At 7:14 PM, I forcefully told the tv that the weather had to move out of here in approximately 46 minutes because it was not going to mess up my season finale of NCIS and Dancing with the Stars! Does anyone else watch NCIS? The director was killed and the team was disbanded! Horrors!

Janette said...

Way to capture the beauty of nature.
I love to photograph the tiny little bugs! And well you know how I love flowers! Have a great day.

P.S. I took a few more flower photos and posted them on my blog just for you! ;)