Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Sweet It Is!

While cruising my favorite blogs, I was thrilled to read Vanessa's post at Lawsy Mercy about a candy give-away. In these trying economic times, is it possible to get anything for free? Yes! You too can be the recipient of 5 lbs. of candy shipped FREE to your home. There is a slight hitch - you must be blogging for at least one year. If you qualify as a long time blogger, click here to request your sugar fix.

Their customer service is exceptional - I received a sweet e-mail confirmation from Carly within 24 hours. Did I mention it's FREE? Just tell them your dentist sent you (just kiddin'). Take it to the office and your co-workers will LOVE you - it's true! I've never been more popular :) Even if the thought of 5 lbs. of candy has your thighs screaming "Don't even think about it!", you could share your candy with friends or donate it. You can become some one's hero for FREE.

Remember, Valentine's Day is in less than two weeks. A great gift idea would be to package a handful of candy in cute bags and tie them with a bow. Spread a little sweetness!

Spend a little time looking at their web site and all the goodies they offer. What could be better than getting your sugar fix delivered right to your door without leaving the comfort of your home? Please tell the folks at Sweet Services I sent you. Enjoy!


~Vanessa~ said...

Yay! I am so glad that you got the free candy!!! Enjoy and thanks for linking to me :)



Deb said...

WOW! That's great...enjoy the treats...

scrappysue said...

i signed up - i hope they are willing to send it all the way down here!

Judyann said...

Wow, free candy. If only I had started blogging when you did, I would be at a year and could participate in this "sweet" giveaway. Enjoy the candy.