Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spring Fever

I have a case of spring fever and I've got it bad. The rain clouds of yesterday have blown away to reveal a brilliant cerulean blue sky. Temperatures have warmed in the light of the sun. It is a splendid day!

Signs of spring are beginning to appear everywhere. One of my favorite signs are blossoms from flowering Bradford pears. The experts warn that it's a mistake to plant Bradford pear trees, and rightly so: their limbs break too easily in stormy weather. Because of their fragility, Bradfords are outlawed in our new neighborhood. But just around the corner is a neighborhood whose one and only street is lined on either side with these flowering beauties. The following photos were taken this afternoon.

Another sign of spring is the number and variety of wild birds.

On the other hand, Kady finds all the excitement a bit dull.


Country Girl said...

I can't believe how early things bloom there in Georgia. It's still quite cold here in Maryland, but the sun shone all day. Beautiful.

I love your new heading.

Mental P Mama said...

Arghhhh. We are at least two months away from any tree blooms. Sigh.

Barbara said...


Roxanne Schwandt said...

I, too, long for SPRING to arrive!
The pear tree blossoms are super cute. Unfortunately we have nothing blooming here in WI. We got snow last night and now it's starting to snow again! UGH yuck! I long for a blue sky and warm sunshine, so thanks for sharing these pictures:)