Friday, February 13, 2009


Me: [on the phone with Doughboy] Uh, we have a problem.

DB: [sounding slightly annoyed or bored] I'm more than 800 miles can handle it. What's the problem?

Me: Well, we had a lot of wind from all the storms in the plains. Anyway, I thought someone had stolen our patio furniture. I could only find two chaise chairs.

DB: [silence]

Me: I found them...they are in the pool.

DB: So? Can you get them out? [duh]

Me: [peering into the deep end of the pool] No...they are in 7 feet of frigid water. What should I do?

DB: It's outdoor furniture...they're used to getting rained on. Just leave 'em there. [duh again]

At this point all common sense has flown right out the window. And I'm annoyed he can't do something - NOW! Yes, I know Doughboy is in Pittsburgh. Yes, I know that perhaps, just maybe, he is right about the furniture being alright for the time being. For some insane, irrational reason this is really under my skin. I keep walking outside to stare into the pool as if by magic the chaise chairs will fly out on their own. This just goes against my grain and all reason to leave them in the pool. But I can't get them out alone.

Guess what Doughboy has on his "honey do" list for tomorrow????


dsr524 said...

They got into the pool on their own. They should be able to get out on their own. It only makes sense. Too funny!

~Vanessa~ said...

Ha, funny! Ok, not funny. Sorry for the mishap!

Happy V Day!

Chere said...

Poor Baby! Turn on the heater and then get them out. One thing that might help for next time. You need to make sure the backs on the chairs are flat. Our chair will blow around if they are not flat. The covers do not help. Maybe they like it in the pool.

Doughboy said...

Doris also got a wet suit for Valentine's Day. How fortuitous.

Mama/Baby-Catcher/KellyJellyBelly/KJB/Wifey said...

I am laughing very hard right now.

Judyann said...

Bummer. Hope Pete was able to get them out easily.

Roxanne Schwandt said...

oh my gosh!!! that is too funny! So what's the status now? Are they still in the pool? I need an update. Gosh, don't you wish someone made a really big fish hook? or maybe you could go rent a crane?!!