Thursday, January 31, 2008

Scrap Etc. Event

I have wonderful friends... three fabulous, generous, fun-loving, scrap buddies. They are Chere, Judy, and Jamie (not only is she my daughter, but she is my BFF). The four of us are going to Scrap Etc. in Nashville, Tennessee April 17-19, and to Connecticut in October (more on this later). Chere and I went together to the first Scrap Etc. event in Birmingham two years ago. All I can say is the girl is crazy! As for the four of us being friends, we click. We are the perfect balance. Chere is the quintisenntial southern belle... beautiful inside and out. Judy is level headed, unflappable and classic. Jamie, the youngest, is the mother of two toddlers who, for reasons I can't understand, prefers to hang out with the Golden Girls rather than women her own age. Lucky us! As for me, I would go to the ends of the earth for any one of these ladies. I am truly blessed!

Check out the Scrap Etc. event here...

Chere ensures her place as first in line at Scrap Etc. '06

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Jamie Payne said...

I certainly feel the same. We're such a perfect blend and I love spending time with this fabulous group of women. Not only do we all bring our own unique personality to the table, but we also have a different way of scrapping. Doris, Judy and Chere are give me so much inspiration. Can't wait to see you this Sunday!