Monday, February 4, 2008

Scrap Club

On the first Sunday of each month, we meet. We engage in serious scrapping, girl time, eating, and having a rip-roaring estrogen-filled time. Five of us - Chere, Judy, Jamie, Pam and me - bond for six glorious hours. Once in a while, Pete will venture into the lioness' den at great risk and peril. After much heckling, he will slink away to some far away corner of the house to lick his bruised ego. NO BOYS ALLOWED!

Calm before the storm

Thanks for the suggestion, Deb!

Boys and girls, this is what happens when you drink alcohol...

and sniff glue

Alone, each can have embarassing consequences.
Combined, they make you think you can sing like a pop star...
and forget that your microphone is a glue stick.
You go, girl!

This proves that we really do accomplish something...


Jamie Payne said...

All I can say is that she totally scraplifted the Ayden layout from me!

I had such a fabulous time! The wine certainly helped with my creativity!!

debbie ( mima) said...

Is'nt it ironic that I have a daughter in law who scraps the hell out of paper and I have nothing to show for it! Guilt will hopefully get me everywhere!!!

P.S. I love the sign in your store window Deb!

El Grato said...

I do not skulk around.
It's called 'foraging'
There's usually enough food in the Lioness' Den (you HAVE to be kidding) that a few pounds of Tostidos and half a cheesecake will hardly be missed.

Jacque said...

Your layouts are great! Love them!