Sunday, February 10, 2008

Photo Slideshow

Whew! After much wrangling and frustration, I added a new category to our blog entitled Photo Slideshows. As I gain more experience, I will link additional slideshows to the category. Actually, I'm not quite sure how I did it. But once done, I can figure it out again. The photos are part of a set that I created in Flickr. Once a set is created, I can link the URL to my Blogger category. It sounds simple. NOT! However, there are several benefits to viewing photos this way. 1) I am limited to only so much free space on our Blogger. By linking to Flickr, I won't chew up huge file space; 2) Viewers can easily access photos without needing to scroll through Blogger to find them; 3) Viewers may purchase photos from Flickr if they are moved by something they see (such as cute kiddie pics); and 4) If you return to our Blogger often, I don't have to send an e-mail invitation to view new photos whereas you are trained to log onto our blog and, in a sense, become my captive audience (cue the rattling chains, slamming door, and creepy music sound effects). How's that for a run-on sentance! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the show!


debbie ( mima ) said...

I love being in my cage reading the blog and looking at my favorite subjects as the zoo curator brings me coffee! Bring on the show.

Miss Priss said...

These pictures are beautiful. How did you do the slide show? What a great day at Starr's Mill. You have such a great family to take pictures of. Keep it up. Maybe one day I will grow up and take pictures like you.