Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Goslings At Four Weeks

Darlene and I returned to the pond at Summer Grove today to look for the geese. In particular, we wanted to find the goslings. There! I spotted them across the pond. This time we drove around to the other side and began to lure them toward us with scraps of bread tossed by our friend, Birney. Slowly at first, a few geese began to swim our way. Thankfully, the goslings were among them. Darlene and I snapped away as Birney kept the geese interested in free lunch. The goslings were more aggressive than last week as they swam easily to the front line to catch the morsels of bread. Wing feathers are beginning to sprout, taking on the appearance of mature feathers, but their necks and the back of their heads are still a fluffy downy yellow. They are about one-third the size of their parents. When communicating, they still peep, reminding me of the yellow fluff balls they were only a few weeks ago. It sounds more like squeaking, unlike the deeper honk of adult geese. I was delighted to see them again.

There they are...and here they come. Oh boy! Free lunch!

Toss it close. Yeah -- right there!

Harriet keeps a vigilant watch, but soon gives up and paddles back to the point

With their tummies full, they paddle back to the rest of their family. See ya next week!


Jamie Payne said...

Too cute! What sweet little babies.

Roxanne Schwandt said...

Very cool! I can't believe how fast they grow, yet they still look like children :) I love the pic of the bread bouncing off the water in front of the twins.

Judyann said...

Wow, how they have grown. It's nice to see them grow up before our eyes, well in pictures anyway.

Deb said...

The have changed so much! They are no longer mellow yellow anymore and that makes me sad. Can't wait to see next week's photo-montage of the goslings.

Chere said...

They are truly growing up fast. 4-weeks, I might could handle another one if they grew that fast. And of course left the nest. They are really cute. Love the pics.
I will be calling you tonight my Flickr queen. I guess I am not the queen of everything.

Pamela G. (aka-Mimi, Pixie Dust Diva, Little Skinny Butt said...

Love 'em! Wish I lived on a pond!

scrappysue said...

hi debra! that's some pretty cool camera equipment you have there - and some great photos!

so, we lived in atlanta in 1994-95 for around 18 months and visited dahlonega a few times. possibly to a festival or two, def around christmas time to buy sesame st christmas tree decorations! i would have to consult my diaries!

we loved it.

Janette said...

WOW they sure grow fast. They are so cuteeee! What a fun thing to do. Taking photos of them growing up. You must make a little album of them growing up.

Have a great day! =)