Monday, June 9, 2008

The Twins At 3 Weeks

From all I have read about Canada Geese (not Canadian Geese), I estimate the goslings of Summer Grove at about 3 weeks old. This means they were probably one week old or less when Darlene and I first spotted the triplets. They are the only goslings in a fairly large gaggle at the pond. Although adults mate by age 2 to 3 years of age, not all Canada Geese have offspring every year. I like to believe that the goslings we photograph are very special. At this point in their young life, the twins have learned much. They understand the unique language of their extended family such as distress calls, warnings, and when it's time to eat. They are beginning to lose their fluffy yellow down in exchange for a deeper color of maturing feathers. A couple weeks ago the goslings swam between their parents. This was to protect them as well as teach them balance and swimming techniques. Now they separate from their parents for brief time periods and even venture close to us in an effort to peck at the crumbs of bread we drop. The twins are becoming bolder, but Dad was right there to supervise and even hissed at me a couple times.


Janette said...

Oh wow those are awesome photos. Such a joy for you to be right there with nature. Great job!

Country Girl said...

Beautiful. And thank you for calling them the correct name. They are not Canadian.