Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baby Girl Times 2

I'm looking at a miracle,
God sent to bring us pleasure;
Another chapter in life's book,
Bringing joy beyond all measure.
There's nothing like a grandchild,
Especially a little girl;
She wraps your heart with heartstrings,
And captivates your world.
She dances into your very soul,
All ruffles, dollies and lace;
You melt into a puddle,
With one look from that little face.
She wraps you 'round her finger,
And plays with you like a toy;
But that's the reason God gave her,
To bring her grandparents joy.
This heritage of our heritage,
This blessing all giggles and fun;
Was sent by God as a special gift,
Our precious little one.
Allison Chambers Coxsey

Before Doughboy and I met and married, I was a single mother of a beautiful girl. Not only was I fortunate to fall in love with the most wonderful man imagineable, I inherited a son, Chad and daughter, Kelly. Our girls are only six months apart in age. The girls grew up as sisters and confidants from the age of 11. That I didn't give birth to Kelly does not diminish the love I feel for her. She is just as much my daughter as Jamie. Kelly is now a happily married wife and mother of three, with another on the way. Her dad and I have anxiously waited for news of her ultrasound and to learn the gender of the child she carries. Selflessly, Kelly didn't tell us that we are expectant grandparents of a baby girl because she didn't want to "steal Jamie's thunder".

Our pleasure is indescribable! Our newest grandchildren, both girls, will be born mere weeks apart. Our only regret is that Kelly and her family live miles away on the east coast in San Diego. It would be our greatest dream come true to have the girls, Jamie and Kelly be close, and their families be near to us. We love you with all our heart, Kelly! Congratulations on the exciting news of another baby girl to add to your family of five. We are so very, very proud of you!

Visit Kelly's blog "Half Dozen" for more news about her family and our 7th grandchild (Jamie's third baby, scheduled to arrive a few weeks after Kelly's, will be our 8th grandchild).


Jamie Payne said...

I couldn't agree more! Kelly may not be my "blood" sister, but who needs all the biological crap to make it real? I was secretly hoping Kel would have another girl so I was thrilled with her news. Hopefully some time next year we can all get together!

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Seeing that we are all scattered from the east and west coasts, it would be fun to find a location inbetween where we can vacation together. You two new mommies will have to come with an idea...

Deb said...

In today's world, it is very comforting to know that blended familes work as in example by your blog. I feel the love!

Half Dozen said...

Awww shucks. There's something a little wet in my eyes.
A big family vacation? Oooh, is Cancun "somewher in the middle." Is Tahiti? How about Hawaii? You know what, though, you're house is about as good as any 4 Seasons and the kids love Gpa Pete's "toys" that give them money.

Judyann said...

Yeah, who needs Hawaii or Tahiti with the Rector Resort available. Good luck to both Kelly and Jamie with the babies. It's certainly exciting times for all of you.