Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spotted Jewelweed

You'll notice a common theme to my posts this week. With no end to the gas crisis in sight, Doughboy and I stayed close to home this past weekend. This is abnormal since we are typically on the go. If a gas station was fortunate to have a supply of gas, invariably the lines were long as frantic customers lined up. People are crazy! Oh well, deperate times call for desperate measures. I was lucky to locate a station with a short line and filled my car. My full tank ought to get me through the week.

Anyway, the weekend weather was spectacular and we took several drives along the neighborhood path with our golf cart. Even Doughboy didn't criticise my numerous stops to photograph flowers and bugs (as compared to this post). My bloggy friend Kate, at Chronicles of a Country Girl, identified the Jewelweed from a previous photo post (here). Thanks, Kate! There are large bushes of this delicate flower close to the bridge that connects the two phases of our neighborhood together. Jewelweeds prefer marshy areas and will bloom until late fall.

The striking orange flowers of the Spotted Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis) tell half of the plant's story. Look, but do not touch, often explains the other half of the plant's story, because it is also called a touch-me-not flower. The plant's seed pods pop whenever they are approached by humans, animals or birds.

Jewelweed is also celebrated as a natural treatment for skin rashes caused by poison ivy and mosquito bites. When you are out in the field and find you have been exposed to poison ivy, oak, or stinging nettle you can reach for the Jewelweed plant and slice the stem, then rub its juicy inside on exposed parts. This will promptly ease irritation and usually prevents breakout for most people. Regardless of the plant's medicinal value, it is still a fun and fine looking flowering plant.


Deb said...

What I think you should do is select some of your favorite photographs, frame them, and do a grouping of four or six or eight. Put them on display in your home or office or Doughboy's office. These are really amazing shots.

Oh! Oh! Make calendars for your family and friends (focus on FRIENDS!) Did you hear Vinnie Barbarino's voice when I said...OH! OH!...Mr. Kotter...way back when in the olden days! I'm a bit silly tonight as I haven't slept very well in a few nights.

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Awwwww, Deb. You are so sweet! Yes, Doughboy made the very same suggestion. Country Girl Kate posted about creating a canvas from one her photos. I'm my worst critic and don't believe my photos worthy of hanging anywhere. But a calendar for my friends? Well, maybe...

Country Girl said...

Your photography is amazing. But I hear you. I feel that way too, sometimes.

But still, amazing you are.

Thanks for linking to me!!

Roxanne Schwandt said...

I agree. I think you should do something with these awesome shots and include a blurb about each one educationally. I love how you tell about the species - things I never knew and would otherwise overlook!

Starwoodgal said...


Doughboy said...

Everybody needs to encourage her to DISPLAY the really cool shots she gets. Memorializing some of this awesome shots on a Photo Wall would be a great source of amazement.
Deb....you need to do that.

Does this mean I need to build a wall or another room?

Chere said...

Doughboy and Doris, There is always the new storage building? Doris, I am just kidding. I love a lot of your photos. I do not I have ever seen the jewelweed. It is truly beautiful.

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