Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photo of the Month: Weather

As I mentioned in a previous post, Kacey at Wine On The Keyboard has a monthly photo contest. This month's theme is weather. Spending most of my life in the mid west where extreme weather is the norm, I've grown complacent from Georgia's mild winters.

However, in January 2005, Georgia was locked in a serious ice storm that halted all outdoor activity for two days. A mere prediction of bad winter weather - ice or snow - can cause panic in the lives of Georgians. People rush to the food stores and gas stations to stock up on enough essentials to last an average family a month indoors.

The storm began as rain and quickly changed to frozen rain as temperatures plummeted. Doughboy, our three canine children, and I hunkered down while the storm raged outside. On the day the storm ended, the sun came out and melted all the ice. It was like a fairyland - all crystalline and magical. The following photo is my entry to Kacey's weather contest. Click here to view other scenes from the ice storm...and rush over to Wine On The Keyboard at the end of September to cast your vote!

Would someone please pass the Puffs?


Deb said...

Hey! I remember this storm because I took pictures too! Honestly, I hoped for 6 inches of snow, but sadly, that didn't occur.

Judyann said...

I remember this storm as well. We were out of town and fortunately just missed it, otherwise we wouldn't have made it to my Mother-in-Laws Memorial Service. Love this flamingo, it's so cute and it really is making a statement about our lives here in the South.

Country Girl said...

Wow. What a storm and a memory. The icicle on this beak is amazing! Well, for Georgia standards, I guess.

Chere said...

Makes me shiver. The snow and ice in Georgia is great because it comes and is fun, but leaves quickly. I see another umbrella bit the dust.