Thursday, October 2, 2008

Miniature Frog

Tiny little frogs like those in the photos below can be found everywhere in our yard. The first one is grey and looks more like a toad than a frog. Both have little suckers on their feet that allow them to hang on to walls, doors, any where. Aren't they cute? A Google search identifies the species shown in the first photo as a Cope's Grey Treefrog, or simply Grey Treefrog. You can even hear this frog's high-pitched call at this web site. In the middle of winter, you can click on the link and bring a little summer to a cold day :)

As tiny as they are, they are nearly unnoticeable. I almost missed seeing this little one on the door knob of the pool house. At first glance, can you see it?

There it is!

As cute as this frog is, I prefer mine encrusted with diamonds... don't you?


Doughboy said...

where, exactly, was the diamond encrusted one?
I need specifics.

Country Girl said...

Oh, wow!!

I showed my husband this post and we both think it's really interesting.

I also like your front door hardware. Very much. Am I insane to like it more than the diamond frog? Because I do!!

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

I'm glad you and Hubs enjoyed the post, Kate :)

Door hardware is from The Home Depot. You can find anything at the Depot (except the frog)!

Jamie Payne said...

Good thing the boys didn't see the frogs. I have a feeling they would have become flattened:( You'd better keep them away from Princess Dee too. You know she'll eat anything!

Roxanne Schwandt said...

Cute frogs!!!

Janette said...

Oh Deb, I love that tree frog. I hear them in the summer but have not seen one. They must really hide well. BUT when I see the size of the one you found I can understand why I can't find them. I would be holding it if i found one! =) Now that diamond one is nice too. BUt I really enjoy the real frogs more. Yeah I'm silly. BUT a diamond frog pin I would wear. Just a hint in case you ever wanna buy me a gift. Hahaha!

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope you have more frog pics to post soon! =)