Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh Deer!

EGADS! - it was nearly impossible to get into the routine of returning to work today. The past two weeks flew by at lightening speed. It was a sad drive as I took Doughboy to the airport last night for his flight to Pittsburgh and work. {sigh} The alarm jarred me out of a deep sleep at 5:30am this morning and I was on the road by 7:15. It rained throughout the 30 minute commute - the soggy weather matched my ominous mood. I should have stayed in bed, assumed the fetal position, and pulled the covers over my head. I really need to win the lottery.

It was dark when I left home this morning, and nearly dark when I returned this evening. Yes, I'm whining. But I feel it's warranted. Four more days until Doughboy makes his way back home from Pittsburgh, and 6 days until we board the cruise ship for a week long Caribbean adventure. I feel like the Little Engine That Could..."I-think-I-can, I-think-I-can".

Pulling into the driveway tonight I glanced to the field next to our house. There was a family of eight deer ambling slowly toward the tree line and munching on something delectable. It was barely light, but I ran inside to grab my camera anyway. The wide aperture, advancing nightfall, and distance from me to the deer made it difficult to capture a decent photo. Why don't they ever make an appearance during day light? Well, perhaps they do...but I'm at WORK! Arghhhh!

The deer were poised for a quick retreat until they realized I posed no threat. With elbows on the railing, I watched from our deck until it grew too dark to see. They were so peaceful, content, and in no hurry to go to work. Perhaps they already won the lottery.

Tomorrow will be has to be.


Pam said...

What a lovely reward for a hard day's work! I'm sure the deer family found you just as intriguing! You can, you can, you will! Excellent planning to have this upcoming vacation to look forward to after the holidays. Great way to beat the post holiday blues!

Country Girl said...

All the hardships and the longing will make your upcoming trip all the more wonderful. It will be so much worth the wait, won't it? You can get through this. You ARE the little engine that could!

dsr524 said...

For all of those who don't live in a hunting lodge full of deer hunters, let me tell you that the deer grazing next to your house actually did win the lottery. They survived another hunting season that just ended on Jan. 1. I constantly show the deer, squirrel, rabbit, and birds that I "shoot" with my camera to the hunters that live my lodge, uh, sorry I mean house, trying to convince them that my way of "hunting" is much more fun than theirs with the added bonus that it never goes out of season.

scrappysue said...

what is it with deer in the suburbs? it's the same in new jersey!!!

Doughboy said...

I get it.
There's a code here.
1 Deer in the photo
6 Days till the cruise
8 Deer in the gaggle (gaggle of deer?)
2 weeks is 14 days
House address dived by 6 days is 35
The cruise is 7 days long
There's your lottery number: 1-6-8-14-35 and the Powerball is 7.

Guaranteed (sort of.....)

Judyann said...

Lucky you to have such a nice surprise waiting for you when you arrived home. Good thing your camera was close. Doughboy, good pick on the numbers. LOL!

Chere said...

Love Doughboy's reasoning on the winning numbers for the lottery. Go win it girl. Have you counted the hours before our cruise. I can't wait. Am I ready? No, but it is only Tuesday. See you and Doughboy on Sunday. Let's meet for a drink on deck for the cast off.