Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Bug On the Wall

Our West Highland Terrier, Kady (a/k/a Bug) loves exploring the great outdoors. Of our three canine children, Kady is the youngest and most adventurous. Doughboy was standing on the back deck when he called me outside to enjoy the last light of day. In his deadpan humor, he nodded his head toward the pool and said, "Wouldn't you love to be a bug on the wall?" Hardy har har.

On my top 10 list of favorite things is to snuggle outdoors by the fireplace. There's nothing like the smell and crackle of a wood fire. It's even better when snuggled together under a warm blanket watching the stars brighten above.

Doughboy and I work well as a team; he starts the fire (thank you, Jeff for talking us into a gas fire starter!) while I go to the pool house to grab the blanket and drinks. I love the coziness of the pool house, whether it be winter or summer. For now, the Margaritaville blender is silent until the warmer months of spring and summer.'s really chilly. Hmmm...should we forget the fire and stay indoors instead?

While struggling with my inner conscience, Doughboy calls from outside, "The fire is ready". {sigh} I guess I must leave the warmth of the pool house and brave the chilly night.

It isn't long before I realize that snuggling with Doughboy under the blanket is more than a fair trade.

Where ever you live, I hope your New Year's Eve is warm. If not, grab someone you love and cuddle under a blanket together.


Starwoodgal said...

Happy New Year, Debra!

~Vanessa~ said...

Great post, I enjoyed it very much. I want your backyard and all that goes with it!

Happy New Year!


Deb said...

What a cozy day at the Rector's! Stay warm!
Happy New Year!

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Hi Vanessa,

When you say "everything", does that include Doughboy? If yes, you may want to reconsider...he is high maintenance :)

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful! Happy New Year to you all!

scrappysue said...

i wanna come live at your place - it looks awesome! so inviting!

Country Girl said...

Oh, Debra. My husband just asked me "what are you smiling about?" and I told him I just read this wonderful post, and in it there was an outdoor fireplace, with a couch and blankets and the husband. And there was a pool complete with a pool house, I gushed. It is just so beautiful, I told him.
Well, I'm glad you like your blogging friends, he told me.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Debra. I love the idea of the fire. When you remarked that you were thinking of staying inside, I wanted to cry out, "No!" Get out there!

Chere said...

Looks warm, cozy and fun. Wishing you and doughboy a very Happy New Year.

dsr524 said...

I think you should change Kady's name from "Bug" to "Ham" since she constantly poses for your pictures.

Roxanne Schwandt said...

I can't even so much as open the door to outside without becoming friggedly chilled!! I WISH WISH WISH I could cozy up to your snuggly fire. Looks amazing!!