Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wind In Your Sales: Part VII

Given the current economic crisis, many families are being forced to cut expenses - particularly for entertainment and vacations. This means a change in our scheduled vacation to the British Virgin Islands in November 2009. You may recall previous Wind In your Sails posts [click here] where I wrote about our plans to bare boat charter a catamaran with two other couples. Unfortunately, one couple suffered a financial setback in July due to an unexpected job loss (the good news is he just received a lucrative job offer - congrats, Mitch!). Another couple is feeling the economic effects by a downturn in revenue for their family business. I don't know anyone who isn't adversely affected by the economic recession in some way. Unfortunate circumstances have forced the six of us to reconsider our travel plans and whether or not it would be financially prudent to cancel.

After much deliberation, the two couples backed out and Doughboy and I decided to continue our charter plans alone. We'll be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in March and this would be our gift to each other. We've downsized the vessel to a 37' monohull sailboat and may even squeak out reduced airfare by cashing our frequent flyer miles. With the down payment I made on the catamaran we are nearly paid in full. So... a-sailing we will go! Here's a photo of the sailboat Doughboy and I will call "home" for a week (sorry for the poor quality - I'm at the mercy of The Moorings' web site).

Someday, when the economy improves and this mess is behind us, we will again make plans to sail with our friends. What fun we'll have sailing the high seas together!

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Mental P Mama said...

I really don't know anyone who isn't feeling the pinch. Anyone. Bon voyage;)