Sunday, August 31, 2008

Powers Crossroads Country Art Festival

As I watch the weather channel on this early Sunday morning, I realize my concerns are minuscule compared to those in the path of hurricane Gustov. Hurricane Hannah is right on the heels of Gustov and her eventual path is yet undetermined. Highways are jammed as residents of New Orleans flee the city to safer regions. Our weather here in Fayetteville Georgia is overcast with scattered T-storms today, tomorrow and Tuesday. Our best weather day was yesterday with a mostly sunny sky and temps in the high 80s. It was a picture perfect day for a drive to the Powers Crossroads Country Fair and Art Festival, 12 miles west of Newnan. Doughboy and I scooped up Jamie and the boys (Daddy Jason was working) for a day strolling around Georgia's rural backdrop. Going to the art festival has been a Labor Day family tradition of ours for many years.

I don't know if it has something to do with her pregnant condition, but Jamie insisted on having fried Oreo cookies. It must be a southern thang, 'cause I've never heard of this treat anywhere else but here. After a nibble, I can safely say fried Oreo cookies are not for me. Yuck!

Jameson enjoyed an old-fashioned tire swing. It's amazing what talented folks do with old unused items like tires. It beats cluttering our landfills.

My sweet baby is always willing to pose for his Mimi. He's such a ham!

Jameson, however, had a total meltdown and tested all our patience.

It's lucky for him that he's cute.

Ummmm...I have no words for this. Please understand this was done in the privacy of a woodsy area and not in view of any passers by. When you gotta go, go!

Doughboy was pleased to have located a sculptor that was present at the festival last year. This particular sculptor, Jim Lewk, specializes in sculptures fabricated from metal. To showcase our love of sailing, Doughboy commissioned a ghost ship that will have a place on our living room coffee table. The artist lives in Miami FL and spends several weeks each year snorkeling the Florida Keys sifting through sand in search of pieces of dead coral. He soaks the coral pieces in muriatic acid, then dries them to use as bases for his sculptures. Each piece of coral can be upwards to 150,000 years old or more. Our piece of art should be completed sometime in October. I'll be sure to post a photo of it when it arrives. Click here to see an example of what our ship wreck will look like.

My purchase was significantly less in cost than Doughboy's. But my prize of dichroic glass bead pendants will become lovely works of art that I will eventually create myself.

However you spend you Labor Day holiday weekend, I hope it is safe and enjoyable.


Deb said...

Happy Labor Day weekend to you as well! Your posts are so eloquent and filled with a calming flow, well, except when talking about Katie and Jameson! I still chuckle when I thin of that true life experience! Funny how you have overcast conditions where we had a lovely Saturday and sunny Sunday thus far.
As for friend Oreo cookies? Can I just say one word....Ewwwww!

dsr524 said...

I have lived in the south, no better, Fayette County, Georgia all of my life. I love Oreo cookies in just about any way - dipped in milk, in ice cream, in Blizzards, in cake, twisted apart or together, dipped in chocolate, both white and dark, but dipped in some sort of batter and deep fried??? I can positively say that I have never heard of a fired Oreo cookie. So I would have to say that a fried Oreo cookie is NOT a southern "thing". It absolutely has to come from one of those transplant yankees who wants all other yankees to think it is a southern "thang". (No that is not a typo, it was intentional.)

Jamie Payne said...

Since I lived in the Midwest for the majority of my life, I would be proud if a fellow Midwesterner (not to be confused with a Yankee) invented the fried oreo. What a fabulous contribution to southern fairs and festivals. Leave it to a Midwesterner to come up with such a tasty treat!

scrappysue said...

you need to scrapbook some of those pics debra! i remember going up to dahlonega to a festival or two - such a great place. i love country festivals!

Deb said...

I didn't read Scrappysue's blog because your links on the left hand side of your blog showed that she hadn't posted in 3 months. However, I did click on your html within the blog and volia! I found an entire world of blogs from down under where they are about to greet spring! Ya learn something new everyday day!

Pam (Pixie Dust Diva) said...

Well, I'm from the Chicago area...then the mountains of NC and I've never heard of a fried oreo. That being said...I long to try one out right now!!!