Thursday, August 28, 2008

Last Chance

My previous post elicited many responses from readers about their "wish list" if a lottery win was in their future, and places to visit or things to do before departing this life. It is fun to dream about what we would do if a sudden windfall dropped in our laps. (*sigh*) With the Mega Millions lottery at $134 M for tomorrow night's drawing, I think a $10 quick pick is just the ticket I need. A winning ticket, I hope. No worries. I'll share the wealth ;)

Should I win the lottery, I would hire the best children's swim instructor for little Ayden. Not that his current swim instructor, Miss Nicole, isn't acceptable. Quite the contrary, Nicole is very patient with each adolescent swimmer and tries hard to get each one to succeed. However, all her pleading couldn't coerce Ayden to dive for the ring. Every other swimmer came up from their dive with a colorful ring in hand. All except Ayden. Poor baby.

From the very beginning of the lesson, little Ayden's confidence was shaky.
He required a kiss and pep talk from Mommy.
Notice the rings in the background. Ayden freaked out just looking at them.
Bad rings! Bad!
He eventually got into the pool and had no problems putting his face in the water, holding his breath, and floating.

Both Jamie and Nicole promised Ayden that he wouldn't be forced to do anything he didn't want to do.

Jamie and I gave Ayden the thumbs up gesture, but Ayden doesn't get it. He confuses his index finger for a thumb. Oh, well...he tried. Sort of.

We finally got a smile out of him. That was until Nicole prepared the group for their ring dive.

Ayden wanted no part of the discussion.

He scooted out of the pool, as far away from Nicole as he could get, and assumed the fetal position. While Ayden watched each of his swim mates dive for the ring and come up with the ultimate prize, Jamie and I tried everything to coax him back into the pool. Jamie promised everything...a Dairy Queen Slushie, new toy from Toys R Us, cupcakes, golf cart ride, and an overnight at Mimi's.

He would NOT budge.

"Mommy? I don't want to get the ring."

In spite of Ayden's resistance, Miss Nicole passed him and all of his swim mates into Level II. Woo hoo! Congratulations, Ayden!

As for you, dear readers, you won't have to endure any more posts about Ayden's swim lessons until Level II begins in December. Maybe then he'll finally get the elusive ring!


Janette said...

Awe the poor little guy. I'm glad the teacher didn't push him into doing it. Sometimes it takes us a little longer to get over our fears. If he does it at his own pace then I'm sure he will be fine. By December he will be a few months older and maybe a little braver. He she is a cutie pie. You will do it Ayden, all in your own time. Congrats on your passing to the next level.

Pam said...

I love this story and these pictures are priceless! Some day he may be an Olympic swimmer and he will love these photos.
The lottery - Ha, I'd hire the best lawyer in the state of NC for my daughter's divorce!!! Then, go to culinary school and open a B&B craft haven...somewhere! Now that's the life.

scrappysue said...

but the photos are so cute! he'll get there eventually

Roxanne Schwandt said...

Oh my gosh, that face!! poor sad little boy. I don't blame him one bit--i never wanted to get that darn ring either. screw thr ring, i'll stick with my floaties. but ya just gotta love that last super-Ayden-sad face!

Starwoodgal said...

Oh so cute!

Deb said...

Oh those pictures of Ayden are soooo cute! The faces! Everything from elation to fear...Oh...he is so cute!
And if I won the lottery, I would buy a Archivers franchise (I don't think they are frachisable!) and hire lots of talented people (paying them big bucks) to run the place. I would get to do all the buying...which is the fun part. I would take a cruise to the Mediterrean and buy a fabulous house, help my kids, my family and friends. And Oh, I almost forgot, I would start a diaper depot for low income moms. And scrapbook and do paper crafts every day of my life!!!!

Jamie Payne said...

Be still my heart. Maybe it's because he's mine but those pictures just melt my heart! Oh how I love my little man...thanks for taking such great pictures:)

Judyann said...

The photos are the best. You really captured his feelings about getting the ring. Poor boy, but eventually he'll do it and you won't be able to stop him. Jamie, love the shirt, it's so cute.

Country Girl said...

It's funny you posted this because I was just talking to one of the moms of a little one at school. She balked and refused to even put her bathing suit on for her swim lessons. Finally, they gave up. It wasn't until her younger sister started lessons with no problems at all that the older girl finally got back into the water with no problems now.

Not that this would help in this case, because I think it was purely sibling rivalry in the other.

* sigh *

Beautiful photos, too!

Chere said...

Little Ayden may not want to get the ring but he sure makes great pictures. He is so cute. I can see little all boy written all over him. Jamie looks wonderful in the photo. Birthing babies agrees with her. You are truly blessed to have such a beautiful family.