Thursday, August 21, 2008

What The Heck?????

I don’t get it. Maybe you can help me with this conundrum. Not all women age gracefully, and some age better than others. I have a couple friends whose looks actually improve with age (I secretly hate them and they know who they are) without cosmetic enhancement. It must be in their genes, of which I am unfortunate to have been blessed with the short end of the stick. But as men age, no matter how much hair they lose or how much weight they gain, they look better. Gray hair at their temples makes them look more distinguished. A little tummy bulge makes them cuddly. A few lines around the eyes is cute. Is this fair??????

My four-year-old grandson slept overnight last Saturday and awoke at 6:00 a.m. before dawn’s early light. Wanting to catch a few extra winks, I motioned him to crawl into bed with us. I hoped he would fall asleep for another hour or two…but no. Wanting to get my full attention, he put his little hands on either side of my face.

Ayden: “Mimi, you got to shave”.

Mimi: “Ayden, I’m a girl and girls don’t shave”.

Ayden: (Long pause as if pondering my words) “But Mimi…you got wicksters”. What???????

Much later while Ayden was playing with his toys and Doughboy was somewhere hiding in parts unknown, I snuck into the bathroom for a good long look. When did my eyebrows drift to my chin?

It all began innocently several years ago with a sprout here and another there. No biggie. Just a quick pluck with my trusty Tweezerman and VOILA! they were gone. One tweeze led to another and now I'm wondering if I should get my chin permed. My dermatologist prescribed Vaniqa at $60 per tube with little results after 9 years of use. I’ve considered waxing, but it hurts. Electrolysis? Too expensive. Bleaching? No. Nair? I'm allergic. Shaving? Uh-uh. What then?

Doughboy derives great pleasure by ridiculing me when I tweeze, so I have become a closet tweezer. Who, me? Tweezing? No, I'm landscaping. I slip into the bathroom where my 10x magnification mirror and trusty Tweezerman await and sneak in a tweeze when he isn’t looking. I’ve considered joining TA. Hello…my name is Debra and I’m a tweeze-aholic. There’s a perverse comfort knowing I am not alone. Click here to read about a fellow blogger who has come clean about her addiction to pluck. You go, girl!

Hmmmmm…(as I rub my chin). Will you excuse me for a moment? I feel the need to...errrr...powder my nose. Is Doughboy around?

Really bad bathroom lighting that even Photoshop couldn't fix...

I really need to get a life...


Jamie Payne said...

Thanks for letting me know about all the "joys" I get to look forward to. My body is a clone of yours so I'm sure I have many years of wiskers and plucking ahead of me.

I still think you're beautiful...wiskers and all:)

Roxanne Schwandt said...

First thing - cute pictures!
Second - be glad you are just starting the plucking process now. I've been plucking for at least 7+ years and I'm less than 2 months from turning 30! Ugh, I hate it too, but it runs in my family hormones. The baby boy hormones in my body make it even worse. Tom has called me "miss plucky". Over time, it becomes easier and easier to ignore his antics. Leave me to my plucking and no one gets hurt!
I have tried waxing and it's not that bad. Actually feels good. The downside is you have to let it grow to get good wax results.
Good luck with the PLUCK!

Judyann said...


You are beautiful no matter what you believe. I actually have a friend who shaves her face. Think about it, men shave and they have very nice looking skin as they get older. Your complexion is beautiful, so don't worry about having to do a little plucking now and then.

Starwoodgal said...

Honey! I carry extra tweezers and a mag mirror in my purse. I guess I could have them laser treated but I'd rather not invest my money in something that may or may not work.


Deb said...

Out of the mouths of babes...they have such honestly, which is what scares the heck out of me!
We just cannot avoid the whiskers on our chin or like mine, they grow out of a mole on my cheek. ahh..i have three. Yikes! the truth is out! perhaps we could get a group rate on electrolysis!

Half Dozen said...

What's the old adage? Men are like wine, (in the case of MY man like whine --not that I'm complaining) they get better with age. I think that's BS, no fair, just rude. Oy! I love ya, wicksters and all.

Country Girl said...

It's Saturday and I'm just reading this sitting here laughing! There you are! Hello.

And I KNEW it was Lauren at Mental Pause you were talking about!!

I've got one so far and I've had it for almost 5 years. It's just something that happens, isn't it?

And not all men look good as they age. I saw some abominations this afternoon and one was riding a mower half naked. I had to look away but the image had already burned into my retinas. Oh, there it is again. Be gone, fat naked white man!!! There ought to be a law against this.

Country Girl said...

You have nice teeth.

* sigh *

Doughboy said...

So I've tried to remain neutral on this issue but with a little time on my hands at the airport, I came up with a great solution. As you may have noted, Deb has a new hobby...Beading. I'm thinking she picks the longest 4 or 5 strands, tosses 3 or 4 beads and maybe a Sworski crystal on each of them and Voila!...60's flashback, uses the new hobby, and looks attractive as well.
No need to thank me, but you have to like the idea.

Mental P Mama said...

At least your husband has a sense of humor for you. Mine is afraid of my tweezer-talk. Too bad, though, I am permanently attached to my tweezerman and my magnifying mirror(s). *sigh*

Chere said...

Fred and I just talked about what men wear to a formal dinner. Pants, Jacket(to cover tummy), shirt and tie. It is so easy. They are either a under the stomach or around the stomach. I do not have the chin hair but the upper lip hair. Some seems to want to grow long. So there for, I tweeze. I am very proud of Doughboy, he can name crystals by brand. Debra, you are beautiful inside and out.

scrappysue said...

eeek - it happens! i get the odd one from time to time on my chin, but i know there will come a time when it's more than an occasional happening!

Jonny's Mommy said...

Oh this seriously cracks me up!

So funny. I'm not there yet.....well, a few hairs, but nothing major yet.

Janette said...

Oh Debra, you make me laugh and giggle with glee. I too have plucked. I also get my lip waxed. it's just part of life. No worries girl you are NOT alone! =)

Glad to see those pictures of you. You don't look a day over 29. You are gorgeous. ;)

P.S. I sent you an email last week. did you get it or is the addy on here wrong? If so could you be so kind to tell me your addy. You can put it on my blog. Thanks! Hugs!