Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Turning Four

After passing yet another year in my life, Doughboy asked me, "So, do you feel any older?" While most people would say no, I was quick to respond, "Heck yeah!" Getting older has distinct advantages and disadvantages - a trade off; a yin and yang. I want the body, youth and vitality of my 30ish years with all the experience, financial stability, and lasting relationships of my 50's.

Life takes a dramatic turn after your children - or in my case, "child" - leaves the nest. After 18 years of hovering, lecturing, and trying to set an example, I had to trust Jamie to make the right choices. That trust paid off eventually. Without going into too much detail about a painfully private subject, my mother wasn't the best role model and continues to be purposely absent in my life. She also didn't take an interest in Jamie - ever. I did the best I could as a single parent until Doughboy came into my life. Being a grandparent is an amazing opportunity to make amends for the times I wasn't a tolerant parent...and for the times Jamie didn't have the love and support of her grandmother.

I should have read more stories, gave more hugs, wiped more tears, and yelled much less. With Ayden and Jameson, I can do all that and more. Wild horses cannot keep me from being Ayden's cheering squad at swim lessons. It means the world to me when he tucks his pudgy hand in mine and says "I love you, Mimi". My heart melts into a puddle at his feet.

Who can resist this angelic face?

Ayden, like any child, requires lots of encouragement from his Mommy and Mimi.

There were only a few tears tonight - a tremendous improvement from past weeks.

Admist cheers and clapping, Ayden's confidence overcame his desire to cry.

He was beaming with pride...

...and was quite relaxed. He even cheered on his less-confident swim mates.

Turning four on Monday made all the difference in Ayden's confidence.

This is a pucker just before blowing us a kiss. We love you too, buddy! Great job!


dsr524 said...

Such precious moments that become memories. "Turn Around" and the moments are walking out the door. My kids have such great memories with my mother and father, I hope that if they have children, I will be that type of grandmother as well.

The last picture of Ayden just makes you want to pucker up as well. I hope he got his DQ Slushie.

scrappysue said...

oh i can't wait to be a grandma, but i'm also going to have to go through that intermediary stuff that comes first aren't i!?!?!?!

Jamie Payne said...

I too love that you're there for swim lessons. Both of the boys were amazingly well behaved last night. Ayden got into the pool with little coaxing and no tears. Jameson was content to wander around with his Smarties and sit on my lap. Ava must have wanted in on the action too because I spent the entire 30 minutes being kicked. Thanks for being there to capture the highlights!

Roxanne Schwandt said...

Awe! I'm so glad Ayden is warming up to swim lessons more, and that you get to be that loving grandma you love to be! :)

Anonymous said...

look out michael phelps! :) what a cutie pie.

Anonymous said...

look out michael phelps! :) what a cutie pie.

Deb said...

Where did this post come from? I swear that I checked yesterday and again this morning for a new post and alas, I didn't find one. Oh well, only the gnomes know!
Being a Grandparent is like nothing else in life. I plan on being there for all of the important moments and the mundane day to day things.

Deb said...
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The Mom Bomb, a/k/a Folksy Mama said...

This was such a sweet post. But I'm confused:

"the body, youth and vitality of my 30ish years"

. . . ummm, I'm 30ish and I seem to be missing all of this.

Country Girl said...

That top photo is a gem.

Janette said...

Oh Debra he is so adorable. Love that cute little face. You are a lucky Grandma to enjoy your time with him. Enjoy every minute as life flies by so fast.

So where does Mimi come from? I think it's cute. My girls call my mother Oma. I'm not ready for the title Oma or grandma once Tara has kids. I'm ready for the role to spoil but not the old sounding name. LOL I need a name something like Mimi. You have the right idea! :)